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At Dark Horse we do things differently.

We mix traditional winemaking techniques with innovative technologies to create wines that are packed full of flavour. To deliver this, we take the first pick of grapes from 400-plus growers across California and taste our wines more than 100 times from grape to bottle.

We like to challenge traditional wine stereotypes. Whether it be the glass that our wine is served in or the occasion it is enjoyed in, we at Dark Horse encourage wine drinkers to follow their own path and make their own rules both in wine and in life.

In fact, we believe that taking the unconventional path can lead to even better results.

The proof? By following our own path we craft great tasting wines that win awards internationally for their quality and are enjoyed by wine drinkers around the globe.

We’re confident that Dark Horse offers some of the very best Californian wine, giving you a bold and ambitious wine that will keep you coming back for more.

So follow your own path and discover your new favourite wine.

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